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I'm fairly easy to find and there's a way for everyone to track me down.  I welcome emails, messages, comments and anything else you wanna do, unless that means you're sending a bill collector to my house.  In that case, we shouldn't be friends LOL.  But here are some quick and easy ways to get in contact with me.

You can always email me.  This is the quickest way to my inbox.  It actually goes to my phone and I'm addicted to my phone.  I have serious issues.

I have a mailing list where I send updates the moment I have them. Kind of like "Hey, a new book is out" or "Wanna win some prizes" and possibly a "I just wanted to say hi and I appreciate you" ... All the cool kids are doing it, you should sign up and be a part of the Ashley Mafia too!
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I also have a snail mail list, where you can receive little goodies from me, just because, through the regular mail ... and I promise I won't send you my credit card bills or other junk mail I receive
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I'm also a Facebook junkie.  This one's my "like" page where I post all my cool updates too.  I also do some pretty rad giveaways for my followers.  Give me a like!!
I also accept some friend requests on my personal page.  Well, it's kind of a personal/professional page.  I post a lot of book recommendations, silly stories about my kids and pictures from signings and such on this page.  Wanna be friends?

I have a twitter, but I'm not too sure how to use it.  But, if you follow me and tweet to me, I'll at least favorite and retweet that sucker.  It's basically all I know how to do.

Goodreads isn't my favorite place on earth, but I do review each and every book I read.  If you're looking to see what I'm currently reading, have read, loved, hated, want more of, my favorite authors and books, this is the best place to find out.  

If you're not really the social, let's stalk the author, kind of person, that's cool too.  I like to be alone sometimes as well.  But you can totally go and pick up my books at your ebook retailer of choice.  I can't promise you'll love every story I write, but I will guarantee that I've put myself into each and every one.  Some are funny, others are sad, but most are angsty.  I like angst.  Angst is pretty amazing.  So, yeah, go buy some books and tell all your friends about them!

Oh, hey ... if you're from another country and speak another language, you probably don't understand this, but just in case you do .. Hey!!!  And you will soon be able to pick up my books in your language.  So far, all that's been contracted is Brazil for one book and Korea for three books!!
Ashley at Editora Charme - Brazil 

For inquiries, please contact Marisa Corvisiero at Corvisiero Literary Agency
Ashley at Corvisiero Literary Agency

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