Sunday, October 20, 2013


It's here everyone!!!  Please note, this is NOT the continuation of Mirage, but it does come after book 1.  I want everyone who purchases this book that NOTHING that was left open, regarding Mira's love interest, is discussed in this book.
This book gives you a background into the relationship of Danny and Mira and Danny and Skylar.  There is no cliffy in this one, however, if you're waiting on reading Mirage because of the cliff, this book is going to give you ZERO resolution.
I'm working on Awakening (the book that gives you the peace of mind you're searching for) as we speak.  As soon as I get a little further, I'll give a release date.  I gave you one before and was unable to keep my promise. 
I know the way I left you in Mirage, you're ready to kick my teeth in and I'm so sorry.  But for being such loyal readers, I have placed Inception at $0.99 and here's an UNEDITED sneak peek into Awakening!!
“Mira, is anything going on with you and Skylar?”
Her eyes widened, like I just caught her in a lie.  I know in the pit of my stomach that something is going on or something happened before.
“Mira, answer the question, please.”
“No, Danny, nothing is going on.”
“Why don’t I believe you, Mira?  When I came in a few minutes ago, I covered you up with that quilt,” pointing at the quilt laying crumpled up at the foot of the bed, “And I kissed your forehead.  You called me Sky, Mira.  Not only did you call me Sky, you asked me not to leave.  So would you like to rethink your answer about nothing going on with you two?”
The look on Mira’s face is priceless.  She looks like a child who has her hand stuck in a cookie jar.  I can see her chest rise and fall quickly, as if she’s trying to catch her breath.
“So what’s really going on, Mira?”
“Nothing,” she whispers.  Mira is looking in every direction except for the one she needs to look; in my eyes. 
Thanks again for taking the time to read my books and I appreciate each and every one of you!!!
Don't forget to purchase Inception to read the back story.  We're taking it back to the beginning; the INCEPTION!
Happy reading friends!!

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