Friday, November 28, 2014

Claim Volume One is LIVE!

I'm pretty sure most of you know about the surprise release I did on Thanksgiving!!!  Well, just so you're aware, I wanted to make sure that my readers know exactly what I'm thankful for this holiday season.  Obviously, my husband, children, family and friends know how I feel about them because I get to talk to them almost daily.  But, you, my readers ... we don't get to go shopping at 3am or yell at McDonald's workers for not serving Big Macs with hashbrowns ... so I really feel like you need something just for YOU.

So, enter Claim Volume One (which I've made available ONLY on Amazon, so you Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Prime users can take advantage for free).  I hope you all know that without you my life would be even more boring than it was before I began self publishing.  YOU'VE made it possible for me to live out my dream, to make some of the best friends I'll ever have in my life and to give me confidence that I never knew could exist.

I'm going to try very hard to have the serial completed by the end of the year, but I won't make any promises.  I can't control life and especially with the holidays, it's going to be even more difficult, but I really will try my hardest.  I have the best editing staff and cover designers on the planet who work tirelessly to ensure that my books are edited and the covers are gorgeous.

I'll end here by saying THANK YOU for everything.  Every penny you spend on books, every review you write, every message you send and every time you recommend a book to your friends and family.  You all made my dream come true in a world where I thought dreaming was for suckers.

Also, make sure to sign up for my mailing list ... if you thought my Thanksgiving surprise was kinda cool, just wait until Christmas!!!  (you can sign up with the form to the right at the top of the page)


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