Sunday, January 25, 2015


SURPRISE!!!  I had this idea last night to put together a collection of books, mostly 1st books in a series, to give to you guys.  I, for one, know how a book budget can be diminished, especially after the holidays, with all those credit cards to pay off, bills to catch up on and don't even get me started if you have family with January birthdays (I'm dealing with 2 siblings AND my husband, all with birthdays in January).  So, now we have this box set consisting of Mirage, Raven, Calling Card and Claim Volume 1 all together in one fancy little set for only 99 pennies.  I know, I'm outside my damn mind right now, but if I can help you guys save a buck or maybe $5.98 I'm totally down.

Also, this awesome little set is only available until February 15th.  I may also have a special announcement to tell you about (it involves Raven and Calling Card) around that time.  More details to come!!

So, if you'd like to purchase The Starting Line:  A Collection of Firsts, click below.  I'd also be super honored if you could find some time to share this once in a lifetime sale with your FB, Twitter, TSU, Pinterest, Tumblr and whatever social media outlet you favor, friends.  Me, just like a lot of other authors, are having a real difficult time getting presence on those sites.  YOU are our key to making sure the word gets out!!  I appreciate you and everything you do for me!

Many of you know as well that I recently signed a contract with Random House Publishing for 4 books to come out in the next couple years.  The first is Breaking Noah with my great friend Missy Johnson.  Well, Random House has this baby up for pre-order and our cover is finally up on Amazon.  If you'd like to secure your copy now, we'd be honored!  There will be an excerpt for the first book in mine and Missy's MC series, Devil's Pride, in the back of Breaking Noah --- Oh yeah, Noah is a college professor and he's got himself a fling going on with Zara, one of his students.  It's sexy, angsty and full of revenge!!!

And here's a little something with the books I'm planning on releasing this year and into next!!

Claim Volume 3 - coming 2/12 is available for pre-order right now if you'd like to get a copy
Breaking Noah - releases 5/26 and the pre-order link is above
Inescapable (Destined Book 5) coming Summer 2015
Code of Conduct - coming Winter 2015
Devil's Pride - coming December 2015 with Random House Publishing by me and Missy Johnson

I'll have some more updates as book ideas pop into my head.  I'm always plotting something new!!!

Oh, by the way.  I'm over at Tsu.  If you have an account come follow me, if not, GET ONE!!  They don't hide me like Fuckerberg does.  They let you see all my posts. I even do some awesome giveaways there.

Speaking of giveaways.  Anyone up for one. Again, just for you guys?!  I've got a SIGNED PAPERBACK of Awakening up for grabs.  All you gotta do is head over to my blog, view my post about my favorite 2014 reads and comment with your top 5 favorite reads of 2014.  Easy right?!  I'll pick a winner on Christmas Eve.  Make sure you leave your email with the post so I can email you!

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