Thursday, March 26, 2015

***COVER REVEAL and EXCERPT*** Rekindle by Ashley Suzanne

Rekindle is with my editor and the moment the edits are done, I'll be hitting publish.  Be on the look out!!  Add it to your TBR --->

Since Christina Mitchell was a young girl, she knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life: become a paramedic. Putting everything on the line, she sacrificed to achieve her dream and hasn’t regretted a single moment. Until now …

Falling in love with a firefighter, Nicholas Conrad, Christina knew what was at stake, but didn’t let it scare her away from her soul mate. They were well on their way to a happily ever after, until Nick’s best friend, Tim, died while on a call. A part of Nick died along with him that day.

Eventually, Nick and Tina’s marriage fell apart and she did the only thing she could—she left. One morning, she packed her bags, went to live with her best friend, and filed for divorce shortly after. Being in the state Nick was in, he didn’t contest. Nick gave Tina everything she wanted and hated himself every day because of it.

Due to budget cuts, the pair is forced to work together once again. Trying to remain professional, they decide to keep their past a secret from the rest of the house, but something this big can only remain hidden for so long. The tension between Nick and Tina can only lead them in one of two directions: straight into each other’s arms or even further apart.

In order for their love to rekindle, they both have to be willing to put aside the past and start again fresh. Will Nick and Tina be able to find a common ground? Or will everything they’ve worked so hard for go up in smoke?

(c) 2015 Ashley Suzanne
Not for distribution

“God, Christina,” I whisper, leaning my head against the cool tile, waiting for more memories to surface.
Tina slowly standing up, letting my cock run the length of her torso, squeezing her tits around my dick until she’s upright.  Slightly bending my head and running my tongue between her lips until she opens for me, her moan echoing through the room.  Spinning her around, to where her back faces me and gently bending her at the waist, grabbing onto her lush hip and positioning myself. 
“Fuck, Tina,” I mutter, imagining my hand is the slick, tight wall I’m pushing into, relishing the feel of her around me, squeezing the life out of my cock.
Behind my closed lids, I can almost see myself wrapping my hand through her drenched hair and pulling hard, but not too hard, to arch her back even further.  My stroke quickens as I thrust in and out of my imaginary Christina, my other hand massaging my balls as she would have done in this exact scene.
An intense growl leaves my throat as I begin to come, and I tighten my grip even more, mimicking the way Tina’s warm pussy would grab onto me as she found her own release.  Opening my eyes, the cold realization hits me hard.  In my head, I knew it was nothing more than a fantasy, but to see myself alone in a shower, still slowly pumping my own dick, anger slams down on me quickly.  Fuck her for still making me feel this way.

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