Sunday, August 27, 2017


 Coming September 26, 2017, Ashley Suzanne releases her new, stand-alone, full length novel that'll give you all the feels.  You'll experience the ups and downs, ins and outs and remember what it was like to experience love for the first time.  

You only get a first once in your life ... first love, first fight, first child, first time ... and those feelings are something we've all had, but lost somewhere along the way.  

Join me, along with Charlie and Rowan, to bring all that back in a novel.  Join me on the journey of Charlie's life, struggles, happiness, rock bottom and uprising.  

The thing about love stories is no two are the same. Some live happily ever after, others end before they really begin, and then there’s Rowan and Charlotte, who fall somewhere in the middle.

How can you prepare for something you don’t see coming? What happens when your worst case scenario becomes your saving grace?

You fall back on your person. Rely on their strength to get you through when nothing else seems to make sense. You tell yourself when one door closes, another opens. You remember all of your firsts that have led you to this exact point in your life.

And you dive in head first.

Pre-Order with special introductory pre-order price (will raise to $3.99 post release week)

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